Water Management Associates, LLC (WMA) was formed in June 2004. We are a design, build and maintenance company for wastewater systems, wastewater reuse systems, and rainwater harvesting. In addition, WMA has vowed to develop and implement water management and conservation solutions that are sophisticated, practical, legal and affordable. Our approach is to ask the question on every site, “What is the best thing that can happen here?” This relates to the multiple possibilities for food, fiber, fuel, habitat, micro-climates, resilience, carbon draw down, and beauty.

WMA members have extensive experience in their respective fields. Their range of expertise encompasses civil and sanitary engineering, alternative septic system treatment, environmental planning, irrigation design and installation, water conservation, and more. Working with Richard Jennings at Earthwrights and Ralph Baker Dotson of AAA Allied Septic has removed the ceiling from using conventional and limited resources. Whether treated wastewater or rainwater, WMA can install and maintain systems that give the customer more options, comply with local regulations and function intelligently.


Ralph Baker Dotson

Ralph Baker Dotson is the owner of 2 small businesses in New Mexico, AAA Allied Septic Tank Service and Water Management Associates. He has been in the wastewater business for just over 32 years. He is also the President of the Professional Onsite Wastewater Reuse Association of New Mexico, POWRANM. He is a National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT), Certified Inspector, NAWT Certified Installer, NAWT Certified Septic Pumper & NAWT Certified O & M (Operation and Maintenance provider).

Ralph has been a technical advisor to the Mechanical Bureau Chief of Construction Industries Division. He has helped to write and pass rules and regulations that are in the current and past Liquid Waste Regulations in New Mexico. He also helped to re-write the MS-3 license, which is the license held by most septic installers. He also helped to re-write the MS-6 license, which is the Irrigation License.

In addition, Ralph has been featured on the cover of the national magazine Onsite Installer. He has had articles written about him and the Onsite Association that have been featured in American Liquid Waste and Pumper Magazine. Ralph is proud to be a member of the National Onsite Wastewater Reuse Association (NOWRA), the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT) and the Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater (CPOW).

He has installed and maintained all types of conventional septic systems, advanced treatment units (ATU), wastewater reuse systems and Alternative Disposal Systems. Ralph is a Certified Installer Specialist as listed on the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) website. He has presented at and attended many State and National Conferences. Ralph has also been recognized as an “expert witness” by the New Mexico Courts.


Richard Jennings

Founder and Senior Partner, Richard Jennings, has been working in the field of water and soil reclamation since 1997. His specialties are planning, design, and project administration for sustainable water management systems. These systems combine water conservation, active and passive water harvesting, effluent recycling, soil restoration, food production, and landscape ecology.

The objective of all designs is the integration of technology and nature. This integration is inspired by biomimicry and analog ecosystems. His current favored work is community water and food security. The method is rebuilding living soils and communicating with multiple species to make deals on an ecosystem level.


Robby Medeiros

Senior Technician, Robby Medeiros, works with advanced wastewater treatment systems, reuse systems and rainwater harvesting systems. He holds and maintains a National Association of Wastewater Technicians certification as well as a B.S. in Environmental Studies from UNM. As an avid mountain biker, outdoorsman and nature enthusiast, Robby appreciates working for an organization that aims to bring water resources back to the land.


Lucas Dimas

As Technician at Water Management Associates, Lucas works with the following systems; advanced wastewater treatment, reuse, and rainwater harvesting. He holds and maintains a National Association of Wastewater Technicians certification. Lucas brings expertise in welding, pre-fabrication and general trouble-shooting. Lucas’ family has had a deep and lasting relationship with the land through generations of farming and land stewardship. This has engendered within Lucas a conscientiousness of water particular to those to whom it has been most precious. He hopes to transfer this awareness to his own children, and endeavors to leave the next generation with sustainable water practices and systems.


Madeleine Wells

Madeleine is the Office Manager at Water Management Associates. She has 40 years of experience in the construction industry, making her an invaluable asset to company. When not working to keep operations running smoothly in the office, Madeleine continues to act in a service capacity as a volunteer fire-fighter.


Diana Hernandez

Diana brings many skills to Water Management Associates as Office Assistant. She focuses on developing marketing materials, as well as providing office and field support.