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Santa Fe, NM
Sludgehammer S86

The SludgeHammer Aerobic Bacteria Generator can be dropped into virtually any septic tank to improve effluent quality and to provide a source of irrigation water. The SludgeHammer achieves the objectives of sustainable design:

  1. Mechanically simple. It has only one moving part, the diaphragm in the air pump. The element that is inserted into the septic tank is all inert plastic, and has no moving parts.
  2. Biologically Complex. The “moving parts” of the system are facultative bacillus bacteria. These bugs can survive with or without oxygen. The bacillus culture was obtained from a naturally occurring ecological niche in forest leaf litter, so
    these bugs are already a natural part of ecosystems. The environment created by the SludgeHammer system is so rich in oxygen that earthworms are found in septic tanks where they would normally drown. The resulting effluent is clear
    with little odor. The SludgeHammer can discharge the nitrogen as a bioavailable fertilizer thus turning the system from a “wasterwater disposal” system into a moisture and nutrient distribution system.
  3. Low Energy Use. In a home sized system, the energy load is about 25 watts.
  4. Low operation and maintenance costs. The SludgeHammer has an annual fee for operation and maintenance that ensures that the system always operates at peak performance. At the same time, the need to pump the septic tank is greatly reduced. This is due to the fact that the SludgeHammer “bugs” consume the sludge and scum that normally form in septic tanks.

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