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Senior Technician and Designer/Partner evaluate the exposed EZ Flow excavated by CAT track hoe in leachfield of advanced wastewater treatment system at a septic system installation.

Septic systems, especially those involving advanced treatment (ATS) and reuse (also known as greywater, recycled water, or reclaimed water ) irrigation can be overwhelming at first glance. In many cases, their use is involuntary. “Tough sites”, such as rocky soils or situations in which a well or arroyo is too close to a septic system, often necessitate the extra treatment that ATS’s provide. The New Mexico Environmental Department regulation requires the use and subsequent maintenance of these systems where they deem appropriate.

Ignorance of the type of septic system installed on your property often leads to a lot of extra expense. Knowing what is installed (ex. Sludgehammer, MultiFlo, Hydro-Action, KOI, etc.), the maintenance required to make it work properly, and your legal responsibility are steps in the right direction towards keeping your system healthy and avoiding expensive remediation. For this reason, we strongly suggest scheduling a site-visit with us if you have just purchased a house with a septic installed. Site-visits allow our Technicians to evaluate the condition of your wastewater treatment system. They generate recommendations and guidelines for either its continued health, a septic system repair, or full or partial remediation (if relevant). A site-visit also offers the opportunity for a homeowner or property manager to get oriented with how the system works, learn where the different components are located, and ask questions while our waste water professionals are there to answer them in person.