We are certified to repair, maintain, and install the following Advanced Treatment Systems (ATS): Multi-Flo, SludgeHammer, Geoflow, Norweco, Hydro-Action, Jet, Bio Microbics, Fuji Clean, Koi, Nayadic and Eliminite. Additionally, Senior Partner Ralph Baker Dotson is a Sludgehammer and Multi-Flo distributor for New Mexico. Contact us to learn about upcoming training and certification opportunities.

Multi-floMulti-Flo: Uniquely quiet, water-cooled, energy efficient submersible aerator and a no by-pass positive filtration design.


Sludgehammer: Drainfield Remediation, Septic Tank Size Reduction, Soil Setbacks, Wastewater Reuse and leach field size reductions. WMA, Inc. founder, Richard Jennings, was instrumental in NMED’s approval of this product in NM. www.sludgehammer.net

Norweco: www.norweco.com

Hydro-Action is an onsite Wastewater Treatment Unit manufacturer with over 25 years of industry experience.

GeoFlowGeo Flow: Irrigation lines for Wastewater Reuse, alternative disposal, limited site area, beneficial to plants, landscape and trees, www.geoflow.com

https://www.jetincorp.com/Jet Treatment Systems: For small lots, and Soil Setbacks and reductions, www.jetincorp.com

BioMicrobics is a manufacturer of innovative, ATS’, septic system alternative products, and storm water treatment. www.biomicrobics.com

FujiClean offers US market a full line of Fuji Clean Model “CE” and “CEN” treatment systems – high-performance, dependable, compact, efficient and cost effective. www.fujicleanusa.com

InfiltratorEZ Flow & Infiltrator Systems: The strength and versatility of Infiltrator Tanks enable a wide-range of installation possibilities including shallow installations and multiple and serial tank configurations. https://www.infiltratorwater.com/

Nayadic: NAYADIC is an efficient Wastewater Treatment Plant that has served the needs of residential and commercial customers all around the world. www.consolidatedtreatment.com

EliminiteEliminite: For small lots, High Strength Waste, Large flows such as Trailer Parks, RV Parks, Restaurants, State Parks, Resorts, Vacation Homes, Wastewater Reuse Systems and Soil Setbacks and Reductions and setbacks to Onsite Wells, www.eliminite.com

SludgeHammer (pictured), Multi-Flo, Geoflow, Norweco, Hydro-Action, Jet, Bio Microbics, Fuji Clean, Koi, Nayadic, Eliminite are all examples of advanced wastewater treatment units.

Advanced Treatment Systems (ATS’s) are designed to break down septic solids so that the resulting treated effluent can be reintroduced into the local water table or utilized as irrigation. This is a game changer, since waste and unoxygenated bacteria are the primary reason for failure of traditional septic systems. Leachfields (also known as drainfields) often become clogged with the byproduct of anaerobic bacteria. The result is a drainfield that can no longer accept effluent, as well as an increase in nitrates, which can contaminate the water table. The default (expensive) solution is to pump the septic tank and install a new leachfield, but advanced treatment systems, such as Multi-Flo, SludgeHammer, Geoflow, Norweco, Hydro-Action, Jet, Bio Microbics, Fuji Clean, Koi, Nayadic and Eliminite, offer less costly alternatives to this all too common problem.